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A Ruby client library for Player/Stage

Diana's lip is not more smooth and rubious [Shakespeare, Twelfth Night]

The RubyPlayer client interface library is a (partial, so far) Ruby implementation of the distributed robot control protocol defined by the Player robot device server. RubyPlayer allows developers to write algorithms, in Ruby, to control a set of distributed robot devices, real and simulated, through the Player robot device server and the Stage and Gazebo simulators.

Currently supports the following device interfaces:

  • power
  • gripper
  • position
  • sonar
  • blobfinder
  • truth

Released under the GNU General Public License, all code from RubyPlayer is free to use, distribute and modify. All contributions are greatly appreciated.


  • 02/17/2004 : RubyPlayer hits 50 downloads and close to 2000 page views, yip dee doo!
  • 12/15/2003 : RubyPlayer drops intention to align with Player/Stage common version numbers as a result of Player and Stage dropping the common version number policy.
  • 11/14/2003 : RubyPlayer 1.0.7 released, added support for the Stage simulated gripper.
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by Torbjørn S Dahl.